Gary Pratten
Gary Pratten

Thanks for visiting my website :) I am a freelance SEO and Web Developer helping electricians throughout the UK.

I build every site from the perspective of the user then based on this I follow on by implementing ethical SEO techniques. Only then do I look at the site design. Web design should always come secondary to web development.


Web development is long term, Web design is short lived

ONLY build websites for electricians - I have only ever worked in the electrical industry so combining my web marketing techniques and my electrical industry knowledge I am well placed in being able to build you a website that works for both your business and clients.

I am an advocate of open source, specifically Drupal, web development as well as SEO.

Here are a few examples of my work all built using Drupal open source CMS:

Millers CarpetsKent Cleaning SolutionsPound NationMyLocal Electrical Supplies and My Local Electrician to name a few.

You will find me around the web sharing and posting what interests me.

You can also read my curriculum vitae, follow me on Twitter or email me.

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