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Change PHP Version in Plesk using command line

As a Drupal developer, I use composer which is a dependency manager for PHP.  A big part of developing Drupal 8 and above is to be able to use composer to install Drupal core, modules, themes and all dependencies without having to manually install everything individually. It is now recommended to install a Drupal module using composer to download it's dependencies. 

How to improve your business local ranking on Google

I see all the time, either on Facebook groups, online forums and social media posts, people discussing their business listings in Google. I see many that give bad advice, some good advice and some that are completely wrong and likely get your business listing suspended.

Local search is not always about which business is more local. Here is a quote from Google:

How to change PHP CLI version for composer and plesk at the command line

Below is the command line code for changing the default PHP version in Plesk. If you are using Plesk as I do on a number of VPS servers, even though you can change the php version inside the Plesk domain control panel, this does not change it at the command line.

I use Putty to connect to the command line. To connect your domain name in Plesk to the command line, you go to "Web hosting access" in the domain subscription type.

Here you will find the two important things.

1) A field with your "username" already filled in.

2) The IP address for the domain name

True love ways

Our first attempt at True Love Ways sung by our Front lady Hannah with myself on guitar, Denise on bass and Craig on drums. You will have to excuse the quality, it was recorded on a phone and it cut out half way through!!